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And another update!

The muse is ON FIRE!

I don't know if anyone remembers this particular story - which is never a good sign in terms of how long it's been since I last updated it - but here is a link to the last chapter, which itself has a link to the previous parts.

Anyway... Parallax, chapter 5!

Title: Parallax (part 5/18)

Author: That'd be me. *grins* Andrew, Obsidian, call me what you want. But only if it's nice. ;)

Rating: R. The girls are already more then earning that 'R' rating. *sniffs* I'm just so proud... ;)

Comments: Well, here's hoping my second crossover D.E.B.S. fic will be as good as my first one. ^_^ This is a continuation of the Christmas Wishes series of short 'She's The Man' stories I've written, but you don't really need to have read those to understand this. This is also going to be the first actual sequel to 'D.E.B.S.' that I've written, as opposed to an AU fic. (Well, I guess all fic, by its very nature, is AU, but you know what I mean. *winks*)

Legal Disclaimer: I do not own 'D.E.B.S.', as I am most definitely NOT Angela Robinson. Likewise, I also do not own 'She's The Man', which belongs to... Well, it was written by Ewan Leslie, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, directed by Andy Fickman, based on the work of William Shakespeare, and distributed by Dreamworks. So whoever 'owns' it, it isn't me. ;)

Parallax, or more accurately motion parallax (Greek: παραλλαγή (parallagé) = alteration) is the change of angular position of two stationary points relative to each other as seen by an observer, due to the motion of an observer. Simply put, it is the apparent shift of an object against a background due to a change in observer position.

Author's Note: I was both shocked and appalled when I realized how long it had been since I had updated one of my stories, this one in particular. Hopefully, this chapter should make it up to you, since, though you may not remember it after so long, this is the one that is almost entirely porn.

So, obviously, it is not work safe.




Viola hadn't really known what to expect when Kelly had invited her and her squadmates along on her 'distract Julia from dwelling on her failed marriage' night out. A bar so dingy and grimy that it had nearly sent Jess into a panic attack hadn't exactly been on the list, nor was the fact that said bar was evidently some kind of criminal hangout. She definitely wouldn't have thought they'd all be calling themselves by fake names.

Yet somehow, all of that was more believable then the fact that Olivia had just walked through the door of the dive they were in.

She wasn't the only one who'd noticed. "What is she doing here?" Susan - or rather, "Liz" - hissed in her ear.

"How should I know?" Viola shot back, just as quietly. She could ask later, she decided. Right now, she just had to get Olivia out of there.

"Paige," Julia/"Holly" began warningly as she stood up.

"Sorry. If I'd known we were going to be coming here tonight, I would have cancelled my date," she said, shooting a quick, dirty look at Kelly, who was frowning. Clearly, this wasn't part of whatever gameplan she'd had for the evening, which wasn't reassuring. Aside from possibly Julia, Kelly was the only one who had any idea what they were doing there. "She must have come looking for me. Give me a minute, I'll get rid of her."

"Nonsense," the presumed gang's leader said easily. "Bring her over. I promise we don't bite." Despite his casual tone, it clearly wasn't a suggestion.

Viola looked helplessly at Julia, who grimaced and shrugged. 'There's no real way out of it', the gesture said. Biting back several curses that might have made even Cynthia - AKA Kendra - blush, Viola hurriedly moved to intercept Olivia, who by then had spotted her and started her way, smiling.

She didn't look surprised at all, Viola noted. Had she followed them here? If so, why?

It would have to wait.

Knowing she had to keep Olivia from breaking her cover, Viola cut off her greeting by pulling her into a searing kiss. It was a good quarter of a minute before she ended it, and while Olivia struggled to regain control of her faculties, Viola, while nibbling on her earlobe, whispered, "I don't know what you're doing here, but listen carefully. My name tonight is Paige, Jess is Mara, Susan is Liz, Cynthia is Kendra, the one with the black hair is Connie, and the blonde is Holly. You're my date. Try not to talk to anyone more then absolutely necessary, and I'll see what I can do about getting you out of here as quickly as I can. I promise we'll talk later."

"We had better," Olivia replied quietly out of the corner of her mouth. She obviously had no idea what was going on, but her body was already reacting to Viola's attentions. Despite everything, Viola gave serious consideration to just ignoring what's-his-name's wishes and leaving with Olivia right then to go find somewhere more private, but common sense belatedly kicked in and told her that would be a very bad, and possibly dangerous, idea, if not for her, then for her friends.

Pulling away, she took hold of Olivia's hand and lead her over to the table, pushing her gently into the seat she'd been using, then straddling the blonde's legs. Olivia blinked at this seating arrangement, but wisely kept her mouth shut.

"You missed the introductions," Julia said, smiling tightly. Gesturing at the leader, she continued, "That's Billy, Vic, Chain, Mickey - well, Mike, really, but that's beside the point - Alex, and Nancy." She indicated each one in turn, but Viola barely paid attention, not really caring. The only thing she really noticed was that they were all a bit more well-groomed then she would have expected a biker gang to be, but since the only biker gangs she'd ever seen before were on TV or in the movies, she just chalked that up to Hollywood stereotypes and thought no more about it. She was too busy trying to will everyone to go away so she could have some alone time with Olivia.

Her attention was diverted back to the conversation, however, when the now named Billy grinned and asked, "And just who's this lovely young thing?"

Viola turned a fierce glare on him, growling "Mine." His eyebrows shot up and he blinked in surprise at the vehemence in her tone. He probably wasn't the only one to be so surprised, but Viola had already turned her attention back to Olivia, her gaze smoldering down at the blonde. She could feel Olivia shiver as she wet her lips. Evidently, she liked the possessiveness in Viola's voice.

Viola made a note of that, then leaned down to kiss her again, her tongue slipping into an eager Olivia's mouth. Dimly, she was aware of the conversation going on behind her, but paid it no mind. At that moment, nothing was more important then the woman she was sitting on top of. Her arms encircled Olivia's neck, even as Olivia's hands began tracing random patterns on her back.

"I realize you had other plans, but can you perhaps wait to enjoy each other's company until later?" Julia requested politely.

Olivia broke the kiss just long enough to tell her quite clearly, "No," then resumed her attack on Viola's mouth. For her part, Viola mumbled a just barely understandable, "Ignore us. Go about your business." She twitched when she felt Olivia's hands slip under her shirt, and pulled back just enough to raise an eyebrow at her.

"Distraction?" Olivia breathed into her ear.

In the distant part of her mind that was still thinking rationally, Viola felt a rush of pride that Olivia had picked up on enough of the situation to not only know to play along, but to figure out a good way to do it, while preventing anyone from asking them any questions at the same time. The rest of her, however, was being consumed by lust, and had almost forgotten that there was anyone else there.


Her hands tangled in Olivia's hair as she began sucking on her neck, eliciting a quiet moan. Olivia's own hands slid down her back to grab her ass, and give it a squeeze. Viola nipped at her neck, and Olivia dug in with her nails.

"Uh, guys?" Kelly prompted, sounding somewhere between surprised, amused, and concerned, reminding Viola again that they weren't alone. Her hands moved to rub Olivia's breasts through her shirt.

When she looked back on it later, she would have to concede that there was a good chance Olivia may have been right: having an audience did turn her on.

Not that Olivia was objecting. She brought her hands around to rest on Viola's hips, sliding her skirt down an inch or so in the process. When Vi began unbuttoning her shirt, she tightened her grip, rocking her back and forth in a motion that she would have called dry humping if Viola wasn't so wet. Viola took the hint, rubbing herself back and forth faster even as she opened the last few buttons, pushed Olivia's shirt aside, yanked down her bra, and hungrily latched onto one of her breasts with her mouth.

"Hrrngh!" Viola had quickly learned just how sensitive Olivia's breasts were, and exactly how to caress, kiss, lick, and suck at them in order to drive her wild.

Then Viola's free hand slipped inside her skirt, inside her, and she lost all control.

She didn't care that people were looking at them. She didn't care that Cynthia was also starting to breathe heavily as she fondled her own breasts. She didn't even care that something probably illegal was going on, if Viola and her friends were going by fake names in a place like that.

Viola knew her body well. She knew just how to position her fingers as they rapidly flew in and out of her pussy. She knew the exact amount of pressure and speed to use as she rubbed her thumb over her clit. She knew what it meant when she began to twitch and shiver, gasping for breath. She knew that Olivia liked to be held when she came, and not to let go until the shuddering stopped.

And most of all, even though she'd also gotten off herself, she knew better then to argue when Olivia pushed her off her lap, sat her on the table, and bent over to lap at her pussy.

"Jesus!" Viola bucked as if electrocuted. "Fuck! Yes... Almost... Yeah, right there... Right there... YES! Shit, yes, just like that..." Everyone was looking at them now. Everyone. There was really no way to pretend what was happening was anything but what it was. Viola couldn't have cared less. Olivia's tongue was buried inside her, now, and there were fingers that... She gave an incoherent shout, throwing her head back in ecstasy even as she grabbed onto the back of Olivia's and held it in place.

Cynthia, she saw, had pulled up her own shirt to properly play with her own breasts, her other hand slipped inside her shorts. Susan was looking from her to them and back, as if she couldn't figure out who to watch.

Then Olivia's tongue hit a certain spot, and she lost track of everything else, screaming in pure pleasure. She was so close...

Had she been listening, she might have heard Vic comment to Alex, "Best. Eval. Ever."

"We owe the big guy a beer for this, at least," Alex agreed.

Of course, they themselves didn't notice when Jessica - the only one there who wasn't watching either show, mainly out of horror at how many germs they were exposing themselves to - jerked her head in their direction. Her eyes narrowed in thought as she puzzled over their words.

As indiscreet as she was being, someone might have noticed had Viola not chosen that moment to scream again, even louder, grinding Olivia's face against her pussy and nearly suffocating her as she climaxed.

After two back-to-back orgasms, the second of which had been more intense then anything she'd ever experienced, Viola needed Olivia to help her off the table, tugging her back onto her lap. After taking a few moment to recover, she managed to raise her head enough to look Olivia in the eyes. "You're evil," she rasped.

Olivia gave a liquid chuckle, which sent a fresh shiver of lust down her spine. That, she decided, was really not fair. She allowed herself to fall back against Olivia, exhausted and spent.

And utterly, utterly satisfied.

She'd decided on an air drop this time.

In theory, there were a number of ways that one could infiltrate Avalon. This assumed that one was intimately familiar with their security, knew where the holes in it might be, and believed that they wouldn't pick up on said holes, and work to close them.

Jenna knew better then that, of course, which was why she always varied her approach. She'd sailed in, she'd swam over from a carefully hidden submersible, she'd even snuck in aboard a commercial flight.

If pushed, she would also admit that air drops were just fun.

Avalon was too far north to be truly considered a tropical island, but during the summer it was impossible to tell the difference. The palm trees and sandy beaches certainly helped contribute to that illusion. But then, as far as she was concerned, that was Avalon to a 'T': doing its best to convince the world that it was something that it wasn't.

Such as, for example, a respectable monarchy.

She grunted when she hit the ground, rolling with the impact, then springing to her feet and swiftly rounding up her parachute. She stuffed it back into the bag as best she could, though that would probably mean more work for whoever would end up repacking it properly, before it could be used again. She hid it in the brush, then began stealthily making her way toward the palace.

Unlike with most countries she knew of, the royal family of Avalon did not reside in the capital city of Coria. They weren't far away, perhaps, and the king did spend a fair amount of his time in Reitsner Tower, the tallest building in Europe, named after the architect who'd designed it, William Reitsner. They didn't have a parliament, as such, but Jenna believed that the coalition of businessmen that worked out of the tower served a similar function, even if they had less input. She'd enjoyed her view of Coria as she'd descended over the island, as the city was absolutely gorgeous at night, but she'd always loved the palace.

Rather then built on a mountain side, it had been into it. The towers of the palace seemed to melt into the rockface, and she knew that there were indeed tunnels and passageways that had been dug through the mountain, connecting it all into one structure. It echoed the geography of the island in a way, as despite the water that seemed to separate Avalon into a cluster of small to medium sized pieces of land, it was all one island.

The palace was located on one such sub-island, most likely to aid in security. She'd always found that it made infiltration much harder then it really needed to be. But she was a strong swimmer, and their security coverage was not absolute.

She'd asked Leah, once, why the capital was named after the old Roman name for the village of Corbridge in England. It was such a tiny, unimportant place, especially in contrast to how John had viewed both himself and his new kingdom. The princess had shrugged and only said that she was glad he hadn't named it Camelot, or some such thing. Fortunately, the name of the island aside, the kingdom of Avalon was notably lacking in Arthurian references. Even the palace didn't have a name.

She spent several minutes on the shore of the "mainland" of the island, observing the palace through a high-powered pocket telescope. Once she was certain she had the pattern of the security patrols memorized, she put the scope back in the pocket of her wetsuit, then slipped into the water.

It was cold, but she chose to view it as bracing, and set out for the other shore in strong, even strokes. Twice she had to duck under water for two or three minutes at a time to avoid being spotted, but she managed to make it onto the beach undetected. She quickly made for the sparse foliage - she really couldn't call it either a forest or a jungle, as there were too few trees - surrounding that part of the palace, knowing she had a better chance of hiding her tracks there then she did on the beach, no matter how the wind may or may not have blown the sand around.

It took almost twenty minutes of stealthy creeping before she approached the service door discreetly located on the eastern side of the North Tower. It was intended for the small army of gardeners and landscapers that the royal family employed to care for the palace grounds, which, at that time of night, meant there would be no one around.

Or, at least, there shouldn't have been.

She got within two feet of the door before hidden floodlights snapped on, blinding her. By the time she could see again, there were guards all around her.

She looked at her watch, then tsk'd, shaking her head chidingly. "And where have you guys been? Coffee break?" She looked around until she spotted a face she knew in the crowd. "Come on, Carlos, you guys can do better then this."

The guard couldn't quite hide his amusement. "Perhaps next time, you should call ahead."

"Where's the fun in that?"

"Perhaps it should be considered more a question of manners?" a new voice interjected, and the crowd hurriedly parted to allow the speaker through.

And, perhaps, because the guards were a little afraid of her.

Despite the number of times they'd met, Jenna still knew very little about Leah's chief bodyguard, Jade Lee - aside from knowing that she'd never seen anyone more skilled in both armed and unarmed combat. There didn't seem to be any limits on her dedication to her job, though Jenna had gradually picked up on the fact that the woman worked for Leah, NOT the king, though she had no way of knowing if that had ever become relevant.

Still, Jade was generally always polite to her when they crossed paths, so Jenna did her best to return the courtesy. "Hello, Jade. Were you really not expecting me?"

Jade curtly dismissed the guards, and they vanished so fast Jenna was almost disappointed that they didn't leave cartoon smoke clouds in the air behind them. Evidently, not a single one of them doubted her ability to maintain control of an intruder. Jenna wondered absently if they would have been so cavalier if they weren't fairly certain she wasn't there for malicious reasons.

They probably would, she thought, which spoke volumes about Jade's level of competence and skill.

"Generally speaking, I'm always expecting you," Jade replied, her face composed save for a tiny little sparkle in her eyes. She unlocked the service door and lead Jenna inside. "Of all the Princess's consorts, you are the most... persistent."

"I hope you don't have a problem with that," Jenna remarked as they proceeded down a long, darkened hallway. She didn't like thinking about those who had held her current 'job' previously, which, considering that their "relationship" was just supposed to be a cover for an information- exchange between Leah and the U.S. Government, was a bad thing. She wasn't supposed to actually develop feelings for the Princess, and if her bosses knew about any flickers of jealousy or the way her heart sped up at the mere thought of the blonde, they might decide she'd been compromised and pull her out.

What worried her more was that they might be right. Leah was an expert at handling the intrigue and behind-the-scenes games for power, and seducing her contact would allow for a much more uneven exchange of information. Much as she might want to, Jenna couldn't risk forgetting that her lover had been groomed almost from birth to one day take over for her manipulative father. She was civilized, progressive, adaptable... and very dangerous.

And every time Jenna stopped by, it got harder to make herself leave.

"Not as long as you continue to make her happy." The rest of the trip to the nearest elevator was made in silence.

Jenna waited until Jade had entered all the necessary security codes to allow access to the floor Leah lived on before speaking up again. "I have to say, though, I am surprised."

Jade barely looked at her. "By what?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Are you serious? I'd actually made it to the door before I was caught this time. Practice makes perfect and all, but that should go both ways. I don't delude myself into thinking I'm just that good, after all. I kind of expected to be nabbed the moment I swam up to the beach." Given that she was still dressed in a dripping wetsuit, she didn't think she was giving anything away with that.

Jade was silent for a long moment, then said, "After I've delivered you to Leah, I plan on discussing the matter with the guards."

Well, that was an ominous statement. On the one hand, she agreed with the sentiment - after all, just because she didn't have any sinister motives, that didn't mean the next person who tried sneaking in wouldn't, and even from where she'd been caught, a bomb would inflict serious damage, and likely kill a number of people - on the other... Well, she'd become a little fond of some of the guards. "Don't hurt them too badly, okay?"

That got her a sideways glance, which she mentally subtitled 'Just because you're sleeping with my Princess, don't think you get to also give me orders'.

Right, change of subject. "Think she'd mind if I got cleaned up, first? I've got salt water all over me."

The barest hint of a smile. "I daresay she might insist."

Jade escorted her to Leah's rooms and made certain that no one else was there before locking her in. Even as she stripped out of her wetsuit, Jenna couldn't help but smile. That she was able to be left alone in the princess's suite was a statement of trust on Leah's part, and it made her feel good.

Her smile turned into a grin when she saw that the body wash and shampoo/conditioner she favored had been set out in the shower. It seemed that Leah, at least, had been expecting her. Or that she just kept them out, perhaps because she missed Jenna. Either way, she found that she liked it.

The main color in the bathroom was white, with the faucets, handles, and mirror frames golden. (Her first visit, she'd been almost surprised they weren't actual gold.) Leah's shower was a full-length bathtub, though the fact that there was also a jacuzzi in the room meant it rarely was used as such.

Jenna had some fond memories of that jacuzzi.

She'd planned on taking as quick of a shower as she could get away with, so she could be waiting for Leah when she got there, but that plan went out the window when a cold draft hit her in the back. Before she had a chance to react, someone pushed her against the shower wall. "Back so soon?" a familiar voice cooed into her ear, and she melted a little.

"Maybe I missed you," she replied, a little more honestly than she probably should have, then had to stifle an exclamation as Leah gently bit her neck. The other woman still had her pushed up against the wall, and her own body was pressed up against the DEB as closely as possible. It was obvious that she wasn't going anywhere until Leah let her, and Jenna caught herself hoping she didn't.

God, she loved it when Leah was aggressive like this.

"How sweet." Leah's fingers found their way inside her, and she spread her legs wider to give the princess better access. Maybe it made her seem easy, but Leah already knew she loved this, so why waste time pretending otherwise? "Maybe I should keep you here all the time, then. Buy you a nice collar, keep you as my sex slave. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Part of her did think that sounded like a fantastic idea, though that part would have agreed to anything as long as it meant Leah kept up what she was doing - her other hand was roughly fondling Jenna's breasts. "I'd wear you out so much you'd never be able to leave your room," she countered, panting.

"Hmm. Entirely possible," Leah conceded. As wound up as Jenna had been even before Leah had shown up, it didn't take long for her to get off. Leah held onto her, as much to make sure she didn't fall as for more selfish reasons. "You're staying the night," Leah informed her. Jenna didn't bother protesting. Leah had obviously made up her mind, and she didn't want to risk ticking her off before she got any information.

And, really, why would she want to leave? "As you wish, your Highness." Leah let her go and stepped back. Without needing to be prompted, Jenna turned, dropped to her knees, and began licking her pussy. Leah moaned in pleasure, and Jenna reached up and grabbed her ass, mainly to keep her exactly where she was... and partly because she just enjoyed doing it.

"So, ah, what brings you here t-tonight?" Leah managed to ask. It was a fair question, as, aside from a little show for anyone who might have been around until they could be alone (which initially had involved Leah threatening her with physical harm, until the guards had started catching on), they usually took care of business before moving on to pleasure. The only reason they hadn't this time was because Leah had gotten impatient.

"It can wait," Jenna murmured between licks.

"But- SHIT!" She flailed a hand aimlessly until she slapped it hard against the wall, bucking as Jenna began sucking on her clit.

She let the subject drop for now.

Jenna's knees were starting to hurt and her tongue was getting tired by the time Leah climaxed. It always took Leah a while to get off, not that Jenna had ever minded. There were few things in this world she enjoyed as much as going down on Leah Taylor. Fortunately, she'd get to indulge in more of them before the evening was through.

Leah helped her up, pinning her against the wall again and kissing her senseless. It was almost two minutes before she pulled back and shut off the water.

Drying each other off was a lengthy process, including a fair amount of touching, caressing, and kissing random body parts. "We should do this more often," Jenna decided as they eventually left the bathroom and headed for the bedroom. They hadn't bothered to bring any towels or clothing with them, as there really wouldn't have been any point.

"Sex slave," Leah repeated, allowing herself a slight smirk.

"That's not what you really want, though," Jenna countered.

"Oh, really?" Leah's bedroom was much darker then the bathroom, decorated in tasteful shades of navy blue and forest green. Somehow, it worked.

"Yeah. You could get one of those anywhere. You want an equal, someone you can respect. Someone who loves you for who you are, and couldn't care less about your title."

Leah didn't seem quite happy about how well Jenna might have been reading her. "Uh-huh. Why did you say you were here, tonight, again?"

Jenna accepted the subject change with grace... though she made a mental note to come back to the previous topic at some point in the future. "Because we want to know what's going on?"

Leah frowned. "With... what?"

She sighed. "That's our question. Something is brewing, but nobody seems to want to talk to us."

"As much as I hate to say it, I haven't heard anything."

"But you could ask around," Jenna pointed out. "People would talk to you." She put on a sultry look. That she was still naked aided with that tremendously. "We'd be very... grateful."

Leah raised an eyebrow. "How grateful?"

"Well, that would, of course, depend on whether or not you find anything, and how accurate it is..."

"Of course."

"...but I believe you were curious about a certain company's new product? Find something good enough, and we just might be able to get you a free sample."

Leah smiled. "All right, that sounds fair. Now..." She abruptly shoved Jenna backward onto the bed, then pounced on her. "...I think we've covered enough business for one evening."

"I agree," Jenna said, capturing her lips hungrily. She was only vaguely aware that Leah was doing something, until she felt something more solid poking at her pussylips. She broke off the kiss to see that Leah had gotten out the strap-on. She had several, but this one was her favorite, and Jenna had quickly come to agree with her about that. It stimulated the wearer at the same time as the one it was being used on. The fact that it took so long for Leah to get off always meant multiple orgasms for Jenna before she did, no matter who was wearing it - though her orgasms were always much more intense as a result of that build-up.

Saying that neither enjoyed foreplay wouldn't be accurate, though the haste often inspired by the secretive nature of their meetings often meant they might not have time for it. But sometimes they just couldn't help themselves. Fortunately, that night they didn't need to rush, and the process of drying off had proven immensely enjoyable. On the other hand, that had left both once again burning with need. So Jenna didn't complain at all when Leah began fucking her hard and deep.

Much the contrary. "Oh, God, yes... Guh! Yes! God, baby..."

"My sweet, sweet Jenna," Leah purred. She knew very well how Jenna reacted to that tone. "You do so love it when I fuck you like this, don't you?"

"Yes! Oh, God... yes... fuck me, baby... fuck me..." She also found that she liked being Leah's, though she wouldn't be thinking straight enough for that to bother her for a while.

"You do want to stay, don't you?"

"Oh, God..."

"Tell me what you want, darling."

Jenna moaned loudly. This was diabolical. "Y-You. God, baby, please, I need..."

Leah twisted one of her nipples, and she shouted. She'd always enjoyed rough sex, though fortunately, Leah knew her well enough by this point to know where to draw the line. Rough was not the same as violent, after all.

"I'd take very good care of you, if you stayed," Leah said teasingly, breathing heavily herself by then.

"I don't - ungh! - doubt it," Jenna gasped out.

"You don't want to be my love slave? Shall I ask you to marry me, instead?"


"Oh, really? And what would you say?"


"...are you answering my questions, or just saying that?"

"YES!" Jenna spasmed as another orgasm hit her.

"Yes, you are, or yes, you will?"

Jenna grinned. "Yes."

Leah rolled her eyes and began thrusting even faster. Jenna's words after that point were mostly incoherent.

"Lin, what are you doing?"

It was a fair question. The team was still in England, having been ordered to wait for Jenna to report in before heading out to investigate any leads... not that they really had any, just then. What that meant in the short term was days of doing nothing but maintaining their covers. Nothing new, but in situations like this, it could become irritating. Cassie had barely seen Lin all day, and not ten minutes ago she'd led Cassie to a wooden chair in the bedroom of the small flat they were staying in, blindfolded her, cuffed her hands behind her back, and seemingly vanished.

Well, almost. Cassie could hear her doing something, but couldn't quite figure out what it was. Eventually, she'd broken down and asked. No reason not to, after all.

"You've been having a hard week," Lin's voice whispered into her ear, and she shivered, despite herself. She also wondered just when Lin had gotten so close. "Some vague, unknown threat, dealing with Jenna and Max, and having to deal with Petrie... Not to mention little things like how much you don't care for British food." Phantom kisses began tracing their way down her neck. "So I decided to take your mind off of things."

"Did you?" Her throat suddenly felt dry, and she cleared her throat.

"Yes." Invisible fingers trailed across her stomach, sliding upward to just graze against her breasts. Her nipples were already straining painfully against her bra, and that didn't help. "By the time I'm done, you'll have trouble remembering your own name."

"That's a bold statement."

Lin began unbuttoning her shirt. "I'm a bold girl."

"True enough. You didn't need to cuff me to a chair for that, though."

"That's true," Lin agreed, then began kissing her stomach. She hadn't even heard her move. "I did that just for fun."

"You never told me you enjoy this sort of thing."

"When would it have come up in conversation?" They had only consummated their relationship two days ago, after all.

"I may retaliate at some point."

"Oh, I do hope so." And now she understood why Lin had practically insisted she wear a front clasping bra that day, she decided as she felt it being unhooked and peeled back. Featherlight touches trailed over her tender breasts, coming close to but somehow always missing her nipples. "I truly do. This is the best kind of surprise."

Cassie couldn't exactly argue.

Lin's kisses had slowly moved up her torso, and she now lightly licked the underside of one of her breasts. Cassie groaned. "Lin, come on..."

"No." She continued her maddeningly effective teasing. "I am not going to rush through this. You're worth taking my time."

She shivered again.

It was another ten minutes of touching and random kisses before Lin finally paid attention to her nipples. The first time her tongue flicked across one, she would have jumped if she hadn't been secured to the chair. She then felt it being kissed, before the process was repeated on her other nipple. Then back to the first for more licking. Rinse and repeat. "Lin..."


Kissing, gentle licks, almost sucking... "Damn it, Lin..."

"No. Be patient." A gentle nibble on her earlobe. "Good things come to those who wait."

She lost all track of time as Lin continued the achingly slow assault on her sanity. Ghostly fingers touched her continually, moving all over her body... with one notable exception. Lips and tongue likewise avoided that area, but at least her breasts were getting plenty of attention. Never enough, though. It was obvious Lin had no intention of letting her get that excited, just yet.

She thought she was imagining it at first when she felt the kisses on her inner thigh. The delicious torture Lin was inflicting on her had sent her into a kind of lustful haze, where everything blended together into a delirious mélange of sensation. But no, they were definitely moving up. She felt the light touch of a kiss through her panties, which by that point were completely soaked through, and squirmed. When Lin slowly peeled them off - literally peeled, as they were stuck to her - and just as slowly slid them down her legs, she couldn't stop a moan.

She hadn't been able to stop her moans for a while, now.

Lin lightly blew on her clit, and she jerked as if electrocuted. "Hmm, almost," she heard Lin muse, but couldn't scrape together the braincells necessary to respond.

She thought she was going to die when Lin's mouth finally came into contact with her pussy, but even then, Lin took her time. Her tongue seemed to know exactly how to touch her to not send her over the edge, even while driving her to it. "Baby, please," she whimpered, almost desperate with the need for release.

Lin licked her clit once. By that point, it was all she needed to do.

Cassie jerked and bucked against her restraints, just barely managing to swallow a scream. Things went black for a moment, and the next thing she knew, Lin was uncuffing her.

She'd never had an orgasm that intense before, and even once she was uncuffed, she couldn't manage to stand under her own power. Lin - who turned out to be naked, which was something Cassie would have liked to know sooner - had to help her to the bed. The biggest surprise was when she looked at the clock on the bedside table and saw that, to her shock, Lin had been playing with her for over two hours.

Lin followed her gaze and grinned. "What can I say? When I do something, I do it right. And you're worth the time."

If her cheeks weren't already flushed, she might have blushed at that. "I think you're trying to spoil me for anyone else."

"Probably because I am." She kissed her tenderly. "I intend on being the best you've ever had, or will ever have."

Cassie was too worn out to think of a response for that.

It's finally done! Huzzah! *lol*

But seriously, I can only hope this was worth the wait. Oh, and for anyone who might be wondering what Avalon's capital city and palace look like:


Tags: crossover, debs, debs fic, fanfic, femslash, interludes, olivia/viola, olivia/viola fic, parallax, she's the man, she's the man fic, viola/olivia, viola/olivia fic
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